why fly louie?

Say goodbye to TSA: Charter flight operations have streamlined security and often occur at separate, private terminals, which means you can arrive at the airport as little as 15 minutes before take-off. And charter flights take advantage of 10x the airports that commercial flights can, meaning less congestion and better departure times. As a result, your door to door time is unbeatable.


how do we do it?

Our priority your value. Fly Louie scours the routes we serve for the most cost-effective options for traveling charter – pooling empty legs, charter shares and shuttle options and offering them to you here. In most cases, we are working with our operator partners to offer you charter-by-the seat options that you couldn’t otherwise find today.


where can we take you?

Fly Louie offered its first service this summer between NY and Nantucket. While we continue to offer service to Nantucket residents traveling off-island through the Fall, we’re developing routes to the Colorado ski mountains for Winter 2017. Check back in throughout October for where we are flying.


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