Fly Louie Alliance

Fly On Your Own Terms.

The Fly Louie Alliance is a network of independent Part 135 operators that offers the benefits of scale with no size requirements.

The Need For An Alliance

We understand the challenges that independent charter operators face on a regular basis: an overwhelming list of fuel prices, unpredictable maintenance needs, limited visibility into crew travel expenses, increasing cost and complexity of HR services, and no time for the numerous technology providers offering demos.  That’s not to mention the growth of the larger players eating into market-share and profitability. Operators in the Fly Louie Alliance have access to Fly Louie’s rates, tools, and resources so they can focus on what matters most: flying a safe and profitable operation. Operators retain their certificate and remain completely and unequivocally independent.

The Future

The sky’s the limit for where the Alliance can go. In the future we hope to add additional benefits such as subscription sharing, trip referrals when demand exceeds supply, empty leg solutions, and opportunities for sharing best practices within the network. 

Redefining Private Aviation

The Alliance is a natural evolution of Fly Louie’s shuttle service. Fly Louie began in 2017 as a Public Charter, offering regularly scheduled service to destinations such as New York, Boston, Nantucket, and Pittsburgh. Fly Louie has built relationships with some of the most well-respected independent charter operators in the industry, and the Fly Louie Alliance formalizes those relationships. For operators, this means better business with airports, flight crews, maintenance services, and HR service providers. For FBOs and other vendors, this means exclusive access to a large and growing network of operators.

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