Charter flights offer the luxury and speed of private travel – fast security, quicker travel times, and 5,000+ airports in the US.

Fly Louie offers by-the-seat charter options for short-haul travel bringing you the speed and convenience of private flights at some of the best prices available.

Book by the seat or the entire plane, in real time, on our website. No membership fee. No ownership requirements.

  1. No security lines: Our passengers arrive at the airport 15 minutes ahead of departure.
  2. No bag check: Hand your luggage to the friendly agents at the private terminal – and get reunited at the tarmac on the other side.
  3. Bringing golf clubs or a stroller? We can often accommodate. Email us at hello@flylouie.com to inquire.
  4. The whole family’s welcome: Mid-sized dogs fly free, an ear scratch away.
  5. What delays? We avoid the hub airports, which means less congestion. And a short taxi queue makes for more on-time arrivals.
  6. Customer first: Name and date changes are free of charge and we’ll work with you to accommodate special requests. Need to drive onto the tarmac to meet the plane or want a special snack aboard? Just give us a ring.

Fly Louie’s preferred aircrafts are the King Air 350 and Pilatus PC-12, both of which offer safety, power and comfort. Additionally, both planes offer environmental benefits with significantly less fuel burn than mid-sized jets on the routes we serve.

The luxurious King Air 350, dubbed the world’s most popular business turboprop aircraft, is considered one of the most comfortable solutions for short-haul flights. The King Air is significantly more economical than comparably sized jets , while offering virtually the same flight time for short to medium hauls.

The Pilatus PC-12 executive aircraft has earned a reputation for outstanding reliability and safety, making it the most trusted and best selling pressurized single-engine turboprop aircraft in the world. The PC-12 was designed by Swiss engineers for capacity and best-in-class performance.

In addition to excelling in safety and performance, these planes shine in looks as well.

Most regularly scheduled flights are subject to Fly Louie’s Public Charter Participant Agreement and have the following cancellation policy: FLY LOUIE will not offer a cash refund for passenger-initiated cancellations, unless the passenger canceling, or FLY LOUIE, finds a substitute passenger. FLY LOUIE shall not be deemed to have provided a substitute passenger until the full capacity of the applicable flight or flights has initially been sold out. FLY LOUIE will honor date-change requests on a space available basis up until 12 hours before departure. Please see the Public Charter Participant Agreement for more details.

Full plane charters and empty legs are subject to the Air Charter Brokerage Agreement and have the following cancellation policy: Cancellations made more than 4 days prior to the scheduled departure time of the flight will be fully refunded, unless otherwise noted in the trip quote. A cancellation made within 4 days of flight time will result in a forfeiture of the amount paid, up to the full amount.

You can cancel by email at hello@flylouie.com or calling us at 833-FLY-LOUIE.

Fly Louie will honor date-change requests on a space available basis up until 12 hours before departure. Passengers may change the name of the traveler on the reservation up until 4 hours before departure. Please see the Public Charter Participant Agreement for more details.

If you have chartered the entire aircraft, call us at 833-FLY-LOUIE and we’ll work with the Carrier to hold the aircraft (though likely cannot hold it for longer than 15 minutes past scheduled departure time).

If you have not chartered the entire aircraft and purchased a seat, the flight must depart at the scheduled time and you will forfeit the full amount paid.

In order to minimize the passenger impact of cancellations and delays due to weather, unforeseen mechanical events, temporary flight restrictions and airport congestion, Fly Louie may re-accommodate you on a different flight and/or different aircraft than the type on which you originally purchased your ticket. If for any reason you decline to accept the alternate arrangements, Fly Louie will refund your payment.

The procedure for rescheduling passengers on a flight that has been cancelled gives priority to the order of booking. In other words, if you were on a 6 p.m. flight that was cancelled, each person on that flight will be offered open seats on later flights in the order in which they booked their original reservation. To the extent that we can, we will add flights whenever possible to accommodate delayed or cancelled passengers.

Passengers are permitted one personal item (laptop bag or purse) and one standard carry-on item. We will work with our operators to make every effort to accommodate irregular or oversize luggage (e.g. baby strollers, golf bag), but check with us first. Every effort will be made to accommodate extra luggage, but in the event the total weight is deemed excessive by the operator, some luggage may be left behind and transported on a later flight.

The worst, right? We collect each traveler’s weight so that we can help the aircraft operator monitor the total weight load of each flight. This is an FAA regulation that must be met in order to ensure your safety and the safety of those flying with you. There is no defined weight limit per passenger, but there is an overall weight limit and distribution allocated on a per aircraft basis that must be adhered to strictly.


  • New York City, NY: Westchester County Airport (HPN)
  • Boston, MA: Bedford L.G. Hanscom Field (BED)
  • Philadelphia, PA: Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), Northeast Philadelphia Airport (PNE), & Wings Field Airport (LOM)
  • Nantucket, MA: Nantucket Memorial Airport (ACK)

Please check our destinations page to see what private terminals we fly from at these airports.

One dog is permitted per flight and the weight range varies, so check in with us at time of booking. One cat is permitted on each flight provided it is kept in a carrier for the entirety of the trip. Reservations for pets must be made in advance and are treated on a first come, first served basis. Fly Louie and each air carrier reserves the right to deny or cancel pet reservations.

Westchester Airport (HPN) is about a 45-minute drive from midtown Manhattan and is also a short cab ride from the Metro-North White Plains train station.  Go Rentals cars are available and can be picked up and dropped off plane-side for your convenience.

Bedford L.G. Hanscom Field (BED) is about a 35-minute drive from downtown Boston and is also a short cab ride from the Alewife – Red Line T Station. Car rentals are available and can be picked up and dropped off plane-side for your convenience.

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is about a 20-minute drive from downtown Philadelphia and is also a short train ride away on the SEPTA which provides train service between Center City and the Airport on the Airport Regional Rail Line. Car rentals are e available and can be picked up and dropped off plane-side for your convenience.

Wings Field Airport (LOM) is about 40 minutes from downtown Philadelphia. Car rentals can be coordinated with Enterprise Blue Bell and can be delivered to the FBO for easy pickup.

Nantucket Airport (ACK) is accessible by car and also the NRTA. There are car rental services on-site.

Yes. The carriage of hazardous materials aboard aircraft in your luggage or on your person is forbidden. A violation can result in criminal penalties. Hazardous materials (also known as HAZMAT, dangerous goods or DG) include explosives, compressed gases, flammable liquids and solids, oxidizers, poisons, corrosives and radioactive materials. Examples include paints, lighter fluid, fireworks, flammable aerosols, oxygen bottles, large (greater than 100Wh) lithium batteries, and radio-pharmaceuticals. For additional information please refer to https://www.faa.gov/about/initiatives/hazmat_safety/.

Passengers traveling alone must be at least 14 years old.

Fly Louie and the aircraft operator welcome passengers with disabilities on all flights.  Passengers should be aware, however, that boarding of all aircraft used for Fly Louie flights requires the use of several steps to enter the aircraft.  Level-entry boarding, boarding via lift or ramp, and boarding chairs are unavailable.  For wheelchair users who are able to board and deplane via the use of steps, a folding, collapsible or break-down wheelchair can be accommodated in the aircraft cabin and will be carried at no charge.  Other passengers’ manual (unpowered) mobility devices such as canes and foldable walkers will also be carried at no charge.  The foregoing is consistent with federal regulations applicable to all aircraft having a passenger capacity of less than 19.

Hopefully you were able to find all your answers, but if not you can always email us at hello@flylouie.com.

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