Fly louie Versus commercial

Side-by-side comparison of getting to your destination by way of charter compared to commercial.


Fly Louie:

  1. Commercial airlines suggest that you arrive 90 minutes prior to your departure - checking baggage, navigating large terminals and wading through...

  2. Long security lines

  3. Boarding the plane: sit down and get comfortable

  4. Commercial flights from NYC to Nantucket are on average 1 hour and 30 minutes, factoring taxi time at busy airports

  5. Commercial airlines also suggest setting aside 30 minutes to pick up your baggage

  1. Get to the airport 15 minutes prior to boarding

  2. No security line

  3. Hand off your luggage to a Fly Louie representative and walk onto the tarmac to board your flight

  4. Flight time is an estimated 1 hour from White Plains to Nantucket - private terminal = less congestion

  5. Land, grab your bags, and go