Statement from Julia Takeda, Founder and CEO of Fly Louie

Fly Louie is committed to safe operations. And as the CEO and Founder of Fly Louie, my commitment to our employees, customers, and the public is to continuously review and enhance our safety procedures, policies, and performance. Through initial and recurrent training, our Fly Louie team creates a culture of safety that is the foundation for our company.

It is critical that every person associated with Fly Louie – from customer experience staff to partners to the CEO – understands the important responsibility they have in contributing to a safe environment for our customers.

In addition to maintaining strict operator safety and performance history standards, Fly Louie requires that:

  • Argus-rated operators conducting every shuttle flight.
  • Operators conduct TSA-compliant background checks on every passenger in advance of the flight.
  • All passengers supply a valid government ID for check-in.

Thank you for trusting Fly Louie for your trip – we’re looking forward to having you aboard.

Safe travels,


Why Do We Use Argus as a Standard?

ARGUS Ratings are the industry’s most respected, recognized and requested symbol of the highest quality commercial operators and brokers around the world. The ARGUS Ratings due diligence system offers the confidence and peace-of-mind desired for commercial operators, buyers of charter and passengers.

Operator Standards:

Fly Louie requires an ARG/US Gold (or better) rating for eligibility.  In the event that an operator uses a different standard, we require the following information be provided:

  • Valid certificate
  • Operators registered name/DBAs
  • Documentation of zero relevant enforcement actions
  • Documentation of zero incidents / accidents
  • Documentation of zero known issues with management and ownership
  • Insurance coverage
  • Clarification of certificate restrictions
  • Description of training and maintenance programs
  • Documented satisfaction of crew experience requirements

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