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Advisory Board


Dayton Lehman


Former Principal Deputy Asst. General Counsel of the US Department of Transportation for 20+ years.


Jim Taddeo


Current VP of Operations Control Center at FlexJet, a premier fractional share jet company that is part of the $1Bn aviation portfolio of Directional Aviation.

Stephanie Robinson


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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Fly Louie?

Charter flights offer the luxury and speed of private travel – fast security, quicker travel times, and 5,000+ airports in the US.

Fly Louie offers by-the-seat charter options for short-haul travel bringing you the speed and convenience of private flights at some of the best prices available.

Book by the seat or the entire plane, in real time, on our website. No membership fee. No ownership requirements.

What luggage can I bring?

Passengers are permitted one personal item (laptop bag or purse) and one standard carry-on item. We will work with our operators to make every effort to accommodate irregular or oversize luggage (e.g. baby strollers, golf bag), but check with us first. Every effort will be made to accommodate extra luggage, but in the event the total weight is deemed excessive by the operator, some luggage may be left behind and transported on a later flight.

Do You Have Other Questions?

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