Why Fly Louie

We’re bringing the dignity back to air travel, one flight at a time. Enjoy the speed and convenience of private flight for some of the best prices available.

The Fly Louie Standard:

Our Priorities are Safety and Value

Fly Louie combs the routes we serve for the most cost-effective and reliable options for traveling private. In most cases, we are working with our operator partners to offer you private-by-the seat options that you couldn’t otherwise find today.

Say Goodbye to Long Lines and Fees

We conduct TSA-compliant background checks in advance, allowing you to bypass standard TSA screening to arrive at the airport 15 minutes before take-off. Avoid the congested airports, which means less traffic, a shorter taxi queue, and more on-time arrivals.

No baggage fee. No membership fee. No ownership requirements.

Environmentally Friendly

Fly Louie utilizes turboprop planes, which are more fuel efficient than jets on the routes we serve.

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