Individual Seats on Private Flights for the Fastest Trip Available


Take Your Time Back

Arrive at the private terminal 15 minutes before departure and walk 70 steps to your flight.


You Can Count On Us

Frequent flights, uncongested airports and our commitment to get you there.


Customer First

Everything’s included in your Fly Louie airfare: drinks, bags, and changes to your ticket.

Why Fly Louie?

We’re bringing the dignity back to air travel, one flight at a time.


Flying shouldn’t be an ordeal. Let Fly Louie take you to your next destination seamlessly.

Flight Experience

Two pilots on every flight, local snacks & drinks, and a Fly Louie concierge at the private terminal to satisfy your travel needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Fly Louie?

Charter flights offer the luxury and speed of private travel – fast security, quicker travel times, and 5,000+ airports in the US.

Fly Louie offers by-the-seat charter options for short-haul travel bringing you the speed and convenience of private flights at some of the best prices available.

Book by the seat or the entire plane, in real time, on our website. No membership fee. No ownership requirements.

What luggage can I bring?

Similar rules to commercial, without the extra fees! One small carry-on plus up to 35 lbs per person.

Some accommodation can be made for irregular or oversize luggage, but check with us first (this includes golf clubs and baby strollers).

Do You Have Other Questions?

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