Enjoy the speed and convenience of charter: no security line, no checked luggage.

Fly Louie is a platform for purchasing competitively-priced charter flights by the seat, along a select and growing number of routes.

Charter flights offer the luxury and speed of private travel – fast security, quicker travel times, and 5,000+ airports in the US. 

Fly Louie offers by-the-seat charter options for short-haul travel bringing you the speed and convenience of private charter flights at some of the best prices available. 

Book by the seat or the entire plane, in real time, on our website. No membership fee, no ownership requirements.

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why use fly louie?

Say goodbye to TSA: Charter flight operations have streamlined security and often occur at separate, private terminals, which means you can arrive at the airport as little as 15 minutes before take-off. Charter flights take advantage of 10x the airports that commercial flights can, meaning less congestion and better departure times. As a result, your door to door time is unbeatable.


how do we do it?

Our priorities are safety and value. Fly Louie scours the routes we serve for the most cost-effective and reliable options for traveling charter. In most cases, we are working with our operator partners to offer you charter-by-the seat options that you couldn’t otherwise find today.


where can we take you?

Fly Louie launched its service between NY and Nantucket in 2017 and we're excited to resume regular service in Summer 2018. In the meantime, stay tuned for opportunities to reach favorite college campuses for high demand events such as NCAA games, graduation and homecoming in Spring 2018.









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